Why do People Choose Self Tanners Products over Spray Tans?

People often choose self-tanning over spray tans because they find it more convenient. Spray tans are time-consuming and require a lot of preparation, including waiting for the tan to develop. Self-tanners can be applied in minutes, and they don't require any prep work.

People also choose self-tanning over spray tans because they want a natural look. Spray tans can be too orange or too dark, and they can look artificial. Self-tanners produce a gradual tan that is more natural-looking.

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Another reason people choose self-tanning over spray tans is that spray tans are more expensive. A bottle of spray tan will usually last around six to eight applications, while a bottle of self-tanner will usually last around 12 applications.

Some products to use in your self-tanner routine

There are a few products you can use in your self-tanner routine to get the best results. The first product is a mousse. Mousse self-tanners work by trapping the oil and tanning particles in the hair, so they will be distributed evenly through the skin. This means that you won’t have to apply as much product to get a good tan, and you will avoid streaks or patches on your skin.

The next product you should use is a moisturizer. Moisturizers help to keep your skin hydrated, which gives you a natural-looking tan. They also help to prevent tanning mistakes, such as over-tanning or orange palms.

You should also avoid using sunscreens before you start your self-tanner routine. Sunscreens can cause your skin to become dry and patchy, which will ruin your tan. Instead, use sunscreens after you finish your self-tanner routine to protect your skin from the sun.