What You Should Know About Circumcision Surgery

Circumcision surgery is a procedure that removes the foreskin of a male private part so that the head is exposed. This surgery is more common in certain cultures and religions than others.

In the United States, about 50 percent of newborns are circumcised. In European countries, the rate is only one percent. Baptism procedure is a practice that has encouraged the followers of Islam and is required under Jewish religious law.

circumcision procedure

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Today, circumcision is not considered necessary as a routine operation in newborns and the decision to have the operation should be left on the parents of the baby. Newborns usually have the procedure performed within a few days after birth, before being sent home from the hospital.

However, circumcision surgery can be performed at any age. Some adult men undergo circumcision for medical reasons or as a personal choice.

Reasons to support circumcision include the following manners, not wanting to look distinct from their peers, and recognized health benefits. There is proof that babies who undergo the method have fewer urinary expanse infections during the initial five years of life.

Also, there is a lower rate of disease of the male private part transmitted diseases in adult men who were circumcised. Circumcision also makes it easier to keep clean and odor-free genital area.

Those who do not support circumcision feel it is wrong to subject a child to a disfiguring and painful operation when it is not necessary for medical or religious reasons.