Wacom Cintiq 22HD – Innovative Way To Draw Digitally

Wacom Cintiq graphics tablet is considered the Bible. It is also known as an interactive pen display. A great feature of this tablet is that you are not required to look at the tablet at the time of drawing and sketching, which makes it free from errors and easy to use the device.

The digital images created and edited by Wacom Cintiq is a class apart. These tablets can be adjusted to various angles according to the preference. There are many companies that provide Cintiq on rent as well. If you want to rent cintiq visit https://animationtech.tv/products/cintiq-22-hd

This device is right and perfect for the professional animator and photographer. It offers a complete delight for digital animators. It acts like your sketchbook, where you can work directly on the screen. The screen is protected by a layer of glass that provides screen damage limitation. 

It is Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel Painter Essentials, and Nik Color Efex Pro compatible. This helps in increasing the creativity and productivity of artists working digitally.

On either side of the screen, four express keys are placed for quick and easy programming. They can be used for different functions at different levels of the application. Also attached are two Touch Strips, correctly placed for zooming, scrolling, and other applications.

Wacom Cintiq is user-friendly compatible digital, analogical, customized according to your wishes. It has a high degree of accuracy, a good number of areas to work on, a stylus with a different point, and seeds.

Cintiq is a plug-in device, used for both creative and recreational activities. The quality delivered is convincing and believable. It acts as a sketch. It is brilliantly designed with almost zero error