Varieties of Diamond Ring Settings

Whether you go for a solitaire diamond ring or an open lattice ring with several gems, jewelry design should perfectly describe your personality. Thus, it is essential to gain some knowledge about different varieties of diamond settings before buying. You can check out the Jewelry Shop in Chicago Heights online.

Each diamond ring setting has its own charm which separates it from other models. Let us discuss in brief:

Prong Setting:

A prong setting is typically associated with a solitaire ring. It places importance on the center of the diamond and not the metal support. This structure holds the upper diamond safely so that it provides both a secure attachment of the stone and maximum light reflection.

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Prong setting or claw, the gemstone is placed in 4-6 metal pins gold or platinum. It forms a basket-like structure.

V-spits are widely used forms of sharp diamond handle firmly. "Pooling pin" allows the jeweler to place two gems side by side.

Bezel Setting:

Bezel setting acts as a precious metal frame collar that encircles the stone. The telescope is structured to map the size and shape of the gemstone. It is allied to integrate with the ring's metal. The stone is then placed in the metal encircling and corners of the bezel are pressed down on the stone corners. Half Bezel provides a fully modern look. Fancy diamonds look more elegant if placed in this context.