The Reason Why The Engine Indicator Lights Up

Apart from loose fuel caps, there are several other reasons why the indicator lights on your engine can turn on. While some reasons may require repairs, car experts say that it is far cheaper to solve problems immediately than ignoring problems, which can result in expensive repair work.

When you visit a car repair shop, your experienced mechanics will carry out routine diagnostic tests to determine why the indicators on your motor control are on.

You can choose the best mechanics to check engine light and other auto services. Some reasons why your motor control indicator blinks are:

• Damaged oxygen sensor: This sensor measures the amount of gas in the tank and the amount of unburnt oxygen in the exhaust system. If the sensor doesn't work, the sensor can send inaccurate information to your car computer, which can have a negative impact on fuel consumption.

• Compromised catalyst: This important equipment is essential for converting toxic gases from vehicle combustion into less harmful emissions. A faulty catalytic converter can be very dangerous

• Damaged air mass meter: This sensor tracks the amount of air supplied to the engine, which ultimately determines how much fuel is transferred. Incorrect air flow sensors usually result in loss of vehicle performance and excess voltage during acceleration

• Damaged spark plugs: In addition to damaging your catalytic converter, broken spark plugs can affect engine performance and fuel consumption.