The Main Preparation for Efficient Split Air Conditioner Installation

If you're thinking about getting one, you might be worried about installing it. If the installation is done right on your air conditioner, you will get optimal cooling. 

However, if it's not done properly, you won't get the desired cooling effect. Poor installation also causes common problems. You can get to buy the best multi-head split system by clicking at:Multi Head Split System Melbourne Multi Split Air Conditioner Melbourne

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Here are some important factors to consider and prepare for efficient split AC installation:-

Make sure the walls have good strength. – The split air conditioner indoor unit must be wall mounted. So make sure the walls are strong enough to withstand the load of the device. This gives you mental relaxation until the AC installer comes to mount the unit on the wall.

Proper distance between wall and AC unit – The indoor unit of the split air conditioner requires at least 15 cm of free space around the top and sides to ensure good air flow.

Correct installation and height from the floor – Even though the split AC power installation is performed by the service provider, you need to ensure that the split AC power indoor unit installation is carried out properly. Make sure you mount it 7 to 8 feet above the floor for adequate room cooling.

Correct tilt angle of the split AC indoor unit – When attaching the aluminum bracket to the wall, make sure there is a small space between the wall and the tilt angle must be well controlled so that the split AC indoor unit is properly installed. Make sure the support is securely attached so that a small angle does not block the flow of condensate water from the drain pipe.