The Face Of Real Estate Ownership In South Africa

Entrenched in this right is the ability for all South Africans to buy, sell and freely trade property without the restriction of the government or because of historical racial problems and issues.

Without the ability to own real estate, our young democracy simply offers you a right that has no meaning or content. For more information about apartment for rent in dakar Senegal visit

Whilst there is opposition within our country to a capitalistic society the reasons for that opposition are not well articulated and are probably the result of a historical hangover from the ANC's early days – now is not the time to think of what the struggle was like in 1948 – now is the time to shape the future for our young generation who also want to own a brick house, with a back yard!

My job as an ad hoc author is to facilitate the easy and smooth exchange of ownership through the legitimate transfer of property by helping people find the info they want or might need online.

The participants in this industry include owners, advertisers, estate agents, lawyers, and government instrumentalities responsible for clearance certificates and the like.

The role of agents or not to be underestimated they have a difficult job, in a very tough market, to look after clients whilst being informative to prospective buyers to help them make the best decision about a particular property.