The Basics of Serving Wine

The popularity of wine has increased recently, and with this new interest comes a vigilant eye on proper wine manners. It is important that servers not only know the proper steps for correctly opening and serving wine but also have many opportunities to master these skills before going serving guest.You can find the  basic wine course via

basic wine course

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The Essentials of Serving Wine

The bottle should be handed over, the label on top, to the person who purchased it (the host) and then repeats the wine's title.

By using the knife part of the corkscrew is cut just below the cap of the bottle in order to take off all the film (put the foil inside the apron).

Clean the top of the bottle using the clean napkin. Place the corkscrew inside and slowly remove it to open the bottle.

Take the cork off and place it before the host. Clean off all the wine's top and pour a glass from the bottle into your glass of the host.

Once the host has approved that the wines are served, you can pour them in a clockwise direction across the table, with women first, then men, and lastly, the host.

Pour each glass approximately two-thirds full, making sure that the bottle does not touch the glass.

Set red wine on the table in the direction of the hosts. White wine bottles must be set in a ceramic or a chiller made of metal.