The Role Of Zinc In Piglet Health

Zinc may be utilized in 2 manners from piglets — as an important nutrient (in reduced dose ) and as a curative therapy (in high dose ) to avoid diarrhea occurrence.

Zinc is the trace component involved in much more biological purposes than some other micro-mineral in the nourishment of the newly weaned pig. To get more information about the  zinc sources for piglet diets you may visit zinc sources for piglet diets you may visit 

zinc sources for piglet diets

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Zinc is a vital mineral nutrient for the health and development of young piglets and is recognized as such from the European Union (EU) and is allowed around 150 ppm in pig feed diets.

The first use of zinc oxide can be seen in the 1990s. The introduction of zinc oxide into the peri-weaning diet is magical in the way that the problem of diarrhea disappeared.

Therapeutic use: This contributes to the curative utilization of zinc oxide (2,500 ppm zinc; 3,100 ppm nitric oxide) for preventing post-weaning diarrhea and sometimes edema disease, both related to illnesses with Escherichia coli.

Preventing disease in piglets improves growth and feeds conversion efficiency, preventing post-weaning diarrhea and even mortality.

Post-weaning diarrhea: When pigs are weaned, you will find significant changes in their own lives and often these lead to an increased check at least, often diarrhea and sometimes death. 

However, zinc oxide inclusions in the feed in a peri-weaning diet had improved the health and welfare of pigs over at least 20 years. As a result, growth has improved.