Biometric Employee Time Clocks

In a fast-moving business environment where competition is fierce, companies need to protect themselves from espionage and piracy. Security starts with restricting access to company buildings and offices. Even employees have limited access to highly classified documents and restricted areas.

The latest time clock models with biometric watches are characterized by this ability and save time. A biometric time clock is an electronic version of a watch card that monitors presence. You may get biometric attendance system via

It also significantly increases the authenticity of time records by using fingerprints as badges for employees so that employees cannot cheat with the clock.

Biometric system range from the retina, palm and fingerprint scanner. This technology compares scanned images, e.g. fingerprints with data stored in its memory. If the two images match, the entry and exit times are permitted and recorded.

Traces and retinas cannot be falsified. Employees cannot use other access rights. Because this device is also a programmable item, it can monitor the presence of companies on flexible schedules. Overtime and rest per employee can be calculated.

More importantly, avoiding human mistakes – it reduces the possibility that employees will report complaints or make salary adjustments that interfere and leave calculations. The device saves its own data records, which can be downloaded directly to the accounting system.