Three Main Categories Of Outdoor Solar Lights

So, you have made a decision to buy solar lights for beautifying the landscape of your home. It’s great that you have decided to make a switch from traditional lighting to solar lighting because the former one was consuming electricity and requires replacement after certain years. This isn't the case with solar lights, as you just need to install them in the right place where they receive maximum sunlight. Solar lights don’t need repair or replacements, so you can install them and forget them. If you are looking to install solar lights outside of your house, then there are three main categories solar lights are divided into, which are, pathway lights, accent lights, and spotlights. Let’s discuss

Accent Lights

These are great for brightening your landscape, as they offer low-level illumination, which is very soothing to the eyes. With lower output, accent lights last longer than other types of solar landscape lighting.

Solar Pathway Lights

From the name itself, it becomes obvious that these lights illuminate pathways, sidewalks, driveways, and other elongated areas. These lights are displayed in uniformity with several fixtures that are lining the edges of a specific path. These lights are mounted or installed on stakes that directly go into the ground.


These are the brightest of all solar lights and the most expensive. These lights throw a bright beam of light, hence illuminating the surroundings, unlike anything. If you can get hold of a top-quality solar light that has powerful LEDs, then the illuminance of that light can be compared to a 40-watt incandescent spotlight.

If you are interested in buying any of the aforementioned solar lights, then you can check out reviews of best solar lights in 2021 by consumer reports. Get as much information as you can about these revolutionary lights before buying one for your home.