It is due to these Reasons you Experience Strange Color of Water Coming from the Faucet

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Water is required on a daily basis. From drinking to cooking to having our daily baths, one cannot imagine surviving without water. However, there are times when we experience a strange color and smell coming from the water after the faucet is opened immediately. During such an event, it is important to call a plumber immediately. These are professionals who will deal with the problem thanks to their knowledge, skills, and experience. However, as a homeowner, it is your duty to know the reason that leads to strange watercolor.

  1. When the House is Old – Old houses comprise of galvanized steel where the water turns red after a long time. Moreover, the protective layer called zinc starts wearing off which worsens the problem.
  2. When there is a Presence of Algae – If you notice water that is green in color as soon as the faucet is turned on, then it is probably due to the presence of algae. This is a microorganism that grows and is found on the pipe system. In order to ensure this problem does not become worse, the best thing to do is to call a professional plumber.
  3. When there is the Presence of Copper Pipes – Green color water isn’t just due to the presence of algae. It is also due to the presence of copper pipes which is actually a bigger problem since it is capable of causing serious health issues. 

These are some of the common reasons where you should consider hiring a plumber to tackle this problem. One of the best ways to find a plumber is to go online and type ‘Coffs Harbour plumbers near me’.