Physical Therapy Jobs Are Diverse And In Demand

The healthcare field of physical therapy is a very diverse, interesting career path for those looking for a medical industry position that is highly hands-on, and rehabilitative in nature. The typical physical therapy job description includes many different facets of patient care and rehabilitation, making it a very appealing profession that offers a very competitive salary and many personal benefits as well.

Physical therapists play some very important roles in the medical community, especially considering the fact that today's baby-boomer population is aging and in general, people are living longer than they ever have. You can request an appointment and get a physical check-up from physical therapists. 

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This has created a huge demand for physical therapists, a job sector that has been increasing much more quickly than the overall growth of jobs altogether. The job outlook for PTs predicts as much as 39% which is even higher than the medical industry as a whole.

There are many segments in the physical therapy job landscape, making it a highly varied profession filled with chances to work in different parts of the rehabilitation field.

Outpatient Clinics – Whether they are private practices or network run, a large portion of physical therapists work in outpatient clinics dealing with patients of all types in their different rehab needs.

Rehabilitation Centers – Specific inpatient rehabilitation, depending on need or specialty, is another main employer of physical therapists today.

Skilled Nursing / Extended Care Facilities – Jobs with services that provide at-home care to patients that cannot travel back and forth to facilities are growing. Patients may include geriatric, pediatric, and disabled individuals, as well as those dealing with conditions that make travel to sessions difficult.