Function Of GMC MultiPro Tailgate

The tailgate has never been so tempting

More than just a “tailgate”, the Multi-Pro tailgate is likewise a synonym for a multifunctional instrument; can be configured and set up on the go to get any job done. 

This highly ingenious tailgate also perfectly complements the loading area of the Sierra 2020 high-quality steel, creating a loading area that goes beyond all possible aspects. You can also look for the easy installation services of tailgate fix through various online sources.

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One Tailgate, Unlimited Feasibilities

Physically, the Multi-Pro's tailgate consists essentially of 2 tailgates in 1. The larger main tailgate is hinged in a conventional way, but the second, smaller inner door is on the first door. 

This "two-door system" is easily accessible via a panel on the main gate and allows multiple configurations to suit your needs. 

Your mobile workstation

Whether you're operating on a job, completing a passionate project, or just standing in front of the big game, the GMC Sierra 1500 Multi-Pro tailgate gives the optimal surface for finishing. 

The drop in the inner gate creates a surface similar to a traditional workbench at a comfortable height, and the available 120-volt output further enhances flexibility. 

The bed's large proportions also offer more than enough room for everything you need to do, and the tall steel construction ensures that even the toughest jobs can be done without getting scratched.