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All About Open Casting Calls

For the majority of principal acing roles, the procedure is similar. Casting directors send out an outline to talent agents, which includes specific roles to be assigned to a particular production – such as age, gender hair color, eye color as well as other details.

Agents submit their clients that fit the requirements, and casting directors choose the actors that best match the roles they’re seeking.

The production industry’s casting processes are increasingly relying on the open call for casting (sometimes called “Cattle calls”) which are often held in non-traditional markets to fill crucial roles that require fresh talent. To get more information about casting calls, you may see it here.

casting calls

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That’s not even counting the countless available casting opportunities for other roles that currently occur all over America and across the world.

A very annoying thing actors have to deal with is attending open a call only to discover that it’s not unintentionally an “official solicitation” for the production of a television or film instead, it’s a kind of advertisement for acting schools or unlicensed talent agencies.

These firms prey on hopeful actors by charging huge upfront fees, as well as other illegal and/or untrue methods. It is of paramount importance that actors be diligent and only make use of reliable sources to identify legitimate auditions that are sponsored by casting directors who are hired to select actors for particular projects.