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Get The Right Forex Broker in Kenya

How do you decide that you have landed a good forex broker? Merely doing a forex brokers companies not enough to satisfy yourself of this. You need to check that your forex broker gives you a good, secure and reliable platform to you for trading in foreign exchange.

He should also share valuable information with you such as trading trends and signals, current market news and must also offer you critical technical analysis and real-time charts and prices. You can check out more info about forex brokers in Kenya at

Globex 360 MT4

It definitely helps if your broker is in the list of top 100 forex brokers, however, it doesn't hurt to check that he can protect you from losses and guarantee an absence of negative balances by placing stop-loss orders, thereby preventing you from losing all your money.

How to go about choosing the right forex broker?

It is the safest bet to go for a regulated fx broker who is under the control of a reliable regulatory authority. You need to look for a fx broker who has sufficient leverage i.e. the ratio of total available capital for your trading to the actual capital in your trading account. You must avail of a demo account, make sure your forex broker has one, and do a bit of demo trading with him to satisfy yourself.