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All About Balloon Occlusion Test

What is a Balloon Occlusion Test?

The test for balloon occlusion (BOT) is an instrument used in medicine used to determine whether an artery could be temporarily blocked, without affecting the flow of blood to the organ in question. The test is conducted before the sacrifice of the artery. It also helps to determine the outcomes of certain kinds of vascular surgery and also to determine the best treatment plan.

The medical balloon test is routinely performed and is widely accepted in the treatment of patients with aneurysms or tumors in the head and neck and intracranial tumors. It is particularly utilized in the latter instances in patients who have the highest chance of needing long-term intraoperative carotid artery (ICA) obstruction.

medical balloon test

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The importance of the BOT

It is crucial to perform a BOT before any surgery since surgeons need to determine if there is enough collateral circulation of blood to the brain, for instance, before beginning deconstructive procedures for treating vascular disorders. Lack of collateral circulation can cause an iatrogenic stroke in endovascular procedures which deconstruct the vessels.

The use of X-rays is in addition to the usage of specific dyes used to create high-quality pictures of the vascular network. Alongside X-rays and dyes, an inflatable balloon is required to stop the circulation of blood inside the vessel that is being investigated.