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All About Delicious Macarons

It's not unusual for some type of sweet or baked good to become trendy and be featured in elite restaurants across the globe However, the macaron is something to behold.

It's not often that you're wanting a sweet treat that has a recipe that's not changed in almost five centuries Is it? You can also get more information about Macarons in bulk for wedding via .

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The Key to Simplicity is Simple

Check out the recipe for virtually any food you are likely to come across and if it's more than a couple of decades old or then it's likely modifications have been made over time.

The simple mix of sugar, egg whites and almond powder to make the most delicious and indulgent taste can't be improved upon and has been serving the world with aplomb for over 500 years, and it's not likely to be going away anytime in the near future!

But Not So Humorous Origins

There were certainly certain differences between the original macarons and the ones we have today, but especially in the sense of their color. 

Because this was during the past before food colorings like we use them today had been developed, the macarons made are more organic and neutral in their color. Additionally, they were served unison and without any filling.