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The Best Time of The Year to Travel For a Gorilla Safari in Uganda

The normal rainfall in Uganda ranges between 1000-2000mm every year; however, the sky is clear throughout the year! The unique weather patterns always support the vacationers and welcome them for most vacations including gorilla safaris in Uganda.

The climate changes will bring changes in the weather patterns. Therefore, it hard to predict the accurate travel seasons or climates best for tourism! For complete information about luxury lodge in Uganda you may visit

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Uganda has basically confronted with two rainy seasons; the short season that starts from October to November and the long rainy season starts from mid of March to the end of May every year.

Tourists prefer to travel from May to September and December to February every year since the rain has reduced and most of the destinations can be traveled with quite sunny weather.

December is one of the most eventful months of the year and the finest time to go for gorilla safaris in Uganda. During the charismas and holiday season, most travelers planning for vacations including gorilla safaris in the national parks in Uganda.

So the month of December seems to be a peak season for gorilla safaris. Travel operators advised for the booking of gorilla safari as well as the accommodation in time to avoid disappointments.

However, planning for gorilla safaris in the low season is satisfactory to many tourists within the budget. The gorilla safaris permits in Uganda are cut from $ 650 to $ 450 during such down season.

This might encourage many travelers to plan their trip even though the rainy season. Furthermore, you might have the opportunity to enjoy the jungle with relatively fewer crowds.