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Need To Hire Landscape Professionals in Maryland

A landscape, designer-builder is just that. He combines the services of a landscape contractor and a landscape designer. As with the landscape and garden designer, he may have a formal education and he may not. And as is true of the other professionals, his degree of experience may be extensive and it may not.

Many landscape designers/builders came to the profession through a vocational or professional association with garden services. Many were gardeners-turned-designers-turned-builders.

Normally, the landscape designer/builder will give a price for the design, and only when the design is completed will contract for the implementation. You can also get Best Landscaping Services in Maryland by Local Landscaping Company.

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You can be sure the plants selected will do well where they are designated to go. You need only contract with the one operation and they generally have the manpower to get the job done.

Of course, there are always exceptions, but generally, nursery designs tend to be quite ordinary, not inspired. The plants will thrive but the design may be quite blah. 

If this is important to you, get a completion date specified in the contract. Before hiring a nursery, ask to see a portfolio of designs they did as well as projects they implemented and ask for references you can call.


Can do the entire job from design through installation. Landscape designers tend to be less rigid than architects and usually have much more hands-on experience. They usually combine a knowledge of landscape construction and of plants and should have a good feeling for design. Some of the best work being done in America is by landscape designers/builders.