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The Role of Mindfulness in Leadership

When we think of leadership, we generally think of inspiring others, enhancing personal and team performances, supporting and motivating individuals, imparting wisdom and knowledge, etc.

This is all part of powerful leadership, but where does this all start? It starts inside each leader, with the person that he or she is. There's no faking it: being genuine is part of leadership and fakes get found out pretty quickly. To get more details about mindfulness leadership you may check here

The Role of Mindfulness in Leadership

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So, it shouldn't be surprising that recently there has been more attention focused on the practices of mindfulness and meditation in connection with leadership.


Mindfulness is focused on the current situation at the moment. It is often used in connection with meditation and consciousness can be regarded as a form of meditation.

Expanding Company Mindset

The mindset of the company is one that measures everything in terms of the bottom line; while it's all well and good, some things that affect the bottom line cannot be measured. Mindfulness helps leaders develop some qualities less measurable to help them understand better people. Leaders become a true mentor to people that they can connect with on a human level as people and not just as an employee.

Facing Changes

Disturbing events or times of uncertainty within organizations often have a profound negative effect on the business and its people.

Adjusting Leadership Behavior

Leaders who practice mindfulness are more likely to be able to regulate their own emotions and handle pressure situations better; or at least to understand when they are most vulnerable to make a bad decision or make a mistake.