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Marijuana Help In Relieve Pain

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) issued guidelines in May 1999 requiring further research into the medicinal use of marijuana. The NIH believes that medical marijuana use should include an analysis of the benefits of its use as well as its potential risks.

Although the United States has not publicly supported efforts to cure marijuana. Most other countries have studied and identified various areas where marijuana helps alleviate suffering. If you also want to order medical marijuana and are looking for on demand & discrete MMJ delivery then you can search the web for details.

A study published in the British Journal of Cancer reports that administering intracranial THC to people with higher rates of glioblastoma has been associated with decreased tumour cell proliferation, which affects the viability of the un-transformed analogues. This is supported by an Italian researcher who found that "cannabinoids can greatly reduce glioma tumour growth.

They appear to be selective anti-tumour agents because they kill glioma cells without affecting the viability of the untransformed analogues." 

This actually means that, unlike invasive or radiation therapy, cannabinoids, which are part of marijuana, effectively isolate and destroy brain cancer cells without damaging or affecting healthy brain cells. 

Cannabinoids are selective anti-tumour compounds because they can kill tumour cells without affecting the un-transformed analogues. Cannabinoid receptors may regulate this survival and cell death of tumour cells and non-tumour cells differently.