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How Kraft Paper Bags Are Made

Kraft paper is one of the most popular and widely used types of packaging in many supermarkets. Manufacturers that produce kraft paper bags use a process called sulfation to create the product.

Using this method, they add starch to the mixture, which bonds fiber particles together to form a tough material. They then react with an acid and a base in several steps that turns out sulfate into sulfonate and an alkali, forming sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, and water.

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What is Kraft Paper Bags Made Of?

Kraft paper bags are made of paper, like all other paper products. The difference is that kraft paper bags are made with a special process that gives the bag its distinctive texture and shape.

Kraft paper bags are made by taking a long sheet of paper, which is folded in half, then in half again, creating four folds. After that, the folds are cut down to size and adhered to a large, flat belt. The belt is then rolled up and the paper is cut into small cylinders. The cylinders are then placed on a hot press and formed into a bag.

Why Are Kraft Paper Bags More Environmentally Friendly Than Plastic?

Kraft paper bags are made from renewable resources. The process of making paper from corn is environmentally friendly because it does not produce greenhouse gases. Papermaking also uses less water than other production methods, such as plastics.