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A Comprehensive Guide to Men Watch Straps

A strap is an essential companion to any watch, and switching it out is an easy way to experiment with a whole new style. You can have a wide range of straps, which will allow you to create a variety of looks. To an observer, the strap is more prominent than the face of the watch. You can find the best herre klokkerem (mens watch straps in English) via

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How to Measure a Men’s Watch Straps

The watch band size is determined by the width of the watch's lugs. If you are lucky enough, the size can be printed on the back.

Measure the distance between the lugs on the watch case and the end of the spring bar of your current strap using a metric ruler. The spring bar should not be included in the measurement.

Types of Watch Straps

NATO Strap

The NATO strap was originally designed for British Army soldiers in the 1970s. However, this strap was first to debut under its current title.

A NATO strap's single-piece construction is the most distinctive. Most other straps are made of two pieces and can only be applied by removing the spring bars attached to the watch.

One Piece Slip-Thru & Zulu

Maratac has trademarked Zulu straps. Surprisingly, such a unique name has so little history. They are made of thicker materials such as leather or nylon. They may not fit between some watches' spring bars due to this. Zulu straps are wider and more rounded to accommodate their larger girth.