Disadvantages of Using Tap Water

Tap water is not at all a safe thing to use. May it be for drinking or washing utensils, tap water is harmful than you think. There are people who consider it as safe water, but it actually contains various harmful substances that can impact your body and skin. A kitchen water filter is a must at present. We often forget to take care of our body. Gone are the days when tap water used to supply fresh water. Now the increase of pollution and harmful substances in air and water has also increased leading to harm to our body. Tap water also contains such heavy substances that are not at all good for us. Get kitchen water filters by Clean Air Pure water and give your family a healthy source of drinking water.

Here are a few disadvantages of consuming tap water that you must be aware of:

– Heavy metals: It contains heavy metals like aluminium, lead, arsenic and chromium.

– Fluoride: Its not only unnecessary to prevent dental cavities, but its also very damaging to your health.

– Pesticides and herbicides: The overuse of these substances doesnt just affect our food. They also affect our drinking water, when they become absorbed by the rain, snow and irrigation systems.

– Medication traces: Our medicines end up in the rivers and reservoirs that supply water to our homes. Theyre resistant to the processes in water treatment plants and end up in the tap water that we drink.

– Radioactive isotopes: They can come from natural radioactivity, nuclear power plants, nuclear accidents or accidental spills in rivers. The consequences are still unpredictable.

– Volatile organic compounds.

Now that you are aware of it, stop using tap water like before and install a kitchen water filter for a healthy you and your family.