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Beautiful Folk Dances Of India

India is a land of diversity in all its forms. As a diversity of religions, traditions, costumes, languages, and food choices, the country also offers a wide variety of classical and folk dances. Each dance form is unique to a particular country or religion and differs in structure, style, and form, which includes uniqueness in costumes, dance patterns, and make-up. You can get the information on folk dance and folk dancers via

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Some of the most popular folk dances in India originate from Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat, and Maharashtra.

Rajasthan is the hometown of dances such as the calbelia dance, charm dance, fire dance and ghoomar dance. Calbelia dances are dedicated to the community of Calbelia, whose main occupations in history have been snake hunting and snake venom trade. 

Ghoomar dance is part of the Rajput identity where women dance gracefully to convey the spirit of any sacred or religious ceremony.

Punjab is also the hometown of famous folk dances. The most popular of them are Bhangra and Gidda. Bhangra is usually performed by men during the Baisakhi Festival. On the other hand, Gidda is an analogy of Bhangra as practiced by Punjabi women. Both dance forms are colorful and happy.

Garba and dandy are the main folk dances of Gujarati. Garba is a beautiful dance previously associated with the legend of Lord Krishna. 

Lava dances and dindi dances are very popular in the state of Maharashtra. Lavani is a form of music dedicated to celebrating early spring, especially in the Tanjavur district. 

Apart from them there are many other folk dances around the country. Just name a few: Karagam, Dhamal, Gatka, Gair, Laathi Nauch, Kavadi, Saami, Kikli, Sakhi Nata, Terehtali, Mathuri and Luddi. All of these forms are extraordinarily beautiful and filled with enthusiasm, joy and spirituality.