All About Section 8 Housing In Orange County NY

The housing Act of 1937 allowed for financial assistance to be provided by the federal government to local housing authorities in order to improve the living conditions of low-wage families. Section 8 of The Housing Act of 1937, also known as Section 8, requires the payment of federal housing aid to landlords in order to benefit about 3.1 million low-income families. 

Housing assistance is made possible by a variety of programs. The largest program is the Section 8 residence in Orange County NY provides Choice Voucher, which subsists the majority of the rent and utility payments for about a 2.1million families. 


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The landlord and the head of the family sign a lease agreement after the housing unit is approved by a public housing authority. The landlord and the PHA sign a contract to receive housing assistance payments. 

1. Tenant

There may be delays in receiving your final decision. Many applicants may be waiting on the section 8 housing waitlists for months or even years.

2. Landlord

In the voucher program, the landlord is responsible for providing tenants with affordable housing units that are suitable, clean, and low-income. The HUD housing quality criteria must be met and the living space must be maintained for as long as the landlord is receiving housing assistance payments.

According to research, the section 8 program seems to have produced a lot of happy and successful outcomes.