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Things To Know Before Getting Hair Extensions


Extensions are the hidden defense in the kit of hair stylists that can convert a bob into mermaid's hair. So, if you have always wanted to look like your favorite celebrity, you just have to visit hair extensions specialists and get extensions. There are two types of extensions permanent and non-permanent.

The right extension for you will depend on the final look that you are trying to achieve, the purpose behind getting them, your budget, and your natural hair. Permanent extensions involve keratin bond attachments and tape-ins.  To know more about hair extensions visit

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Keratin bond accessories are pretty similar to tape-ins, but this sort of extension takes small circular strands that bond to the original hair with keratin attachments. An appointment for keratin bond attachment can take anywhere between 3 to 5 hours. It depends on the number of bonds that you want to get fitted.

Tape-ins are joined to thick segments of real hair with the help of double-sided tapes and they adhere to small segments of the hair, which is near to the scalp. Tape extensions must be fitted by an expert stylist or extensionist and must be refitted after every 10 weeks.

As for non-permanent extensions, clip-ins are the most popular and commonly used. Clip-in extensions help to instantly add volume and length. Users can even add color by choosing a lighter color than their hair. The lifespan of this type of extension depends on how well the strands are maintained by the user.