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Basic Instructions for Eyelash Perm (Lash Lift)

Eyelash perms, also known as lash lifts, are a semi-permanent alternative to curling. After just one session, women can enjoy weeks with the full and curled lash look they’ve been coveting. 

Just as hair perming will curl your locks, eyelash perming curls your upper lashes, flipping them upward to create the same effect you’d get from an eyelash curler or mascara. To get more details about the eyelash perming kit you may browse this site.

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The process uses a special adhesive and perming solution to keep the lashes in place. Although you may need to follow some basic post-procedure instructions while the lashes are set, the results are maintenance-free until it’s time for your next treatment.

     How Eyelash Perms Work

The entire process lasts roughly 45 minutes and should result in only mild discomfort. Prepare for the appointment by making sure your lashes are clean and makeup-free. You’ll also want to remove your contacts if you wear them.

     Getting Started

The procedure will begin with a brief consultation in which you’ll discuss your eyelash care routine and desired results. 

The technician will coat your lashes with a gentle adhesive. This glue-like substance holds the lashes in place as they are shaped using foam rollers, rods, or heating clips. This part of the process is customizable, allowing you to get a tighter or looser hold.

Once done, the technician gently washes away the solutions with water, separates your lashes with a comb, and leaves them to dry. The best results likely go to those with naturally long lashes that are too straight.