Are you Using Chicory or Endive? It’s a Bit Confusing

There's a bit of confusion about the names of the endives because in Britain it's called chicory. This is the name used to describe the plant from which it is derived. The name of the endive can be described as Cichorium endive and that of chicory, which is the herb that can be described as Cichorium intybus. 

If you purchase endive and go to the British site for a recipe you'll need input chicory because that's what the torpedo-shaped leaf is referred to as in the hands of British chefs. You can buy Chicory or Endive that can be used as coffee substitutes from Sip Herbals.

The herb called chicory is a blue-colored edible flower that resembles the ones of dandelions and its leaves can be utilized in salads. 

The endive, also known as Belgian endive (pronounced either on-deev or en-dive) is a brand new concept on the culinary scene of the world when it was first brought in Paris in 1872. It was a hit and was dubbed "white gold." It was first discovered 42 years before in 1872 by Jan Lammers.

Endives are 85 percent water but also have potassium, which is an important mineral since it aids the normal functioning of muscles and nerves (so is a great mineral for men suffering dysfunctions), and vitamin A (good for eyesight) as well as vitamin C that helps to boost the immune system along with other health benefits.