Garden Edging Techniques You Can Try At Home

There are many edging techniques you can use for your garden. Edging can be constructed with a variety of materials as long as you are willing to be a creative person. Whether you want a simple or high-class garden edge there are ways to create it. You can buy online the best garden edging material for your garden.

If you like it when your home looks natural and beautiful, you may use special flowering plants. In this article, one technique of edging will be discussed. The first method entails the use of brick and cement pavers. This is a professional means of creating a border for your garden. Read the following steps to learn how this technique works.

  • Measure the brick and cement pavers to ascertain the width required for a trench to accommodate them.
  • Dig a trench along the edge of your garden. Ensure the trench is two times as wide as the pavers themselves. It should be about seven inches deeper along with the height of our paving blocks. To do perfect work you may require a shovel, a spade, and a half-moon edger.
  • Pour gravel or crushed rock in the trench so that it occupies about six inches. You should add a little amount of gravel as you pack it tightly with your feet. Plate compactors or hand tampers will be too large for a narrow trench such as this.
  • Add a one-inch layer of sand evenly over the compressed gravel foundation layer. Use a leveling device to check the level of sand. If it is uneven you could either add or remove some of it until you have achieved the level you need.
  • Now put the brick and cement pavers in the trench. A side by side pattern is the most preferred. Push the pavers closer and tighter so that they do not move easily if stepped on. With a rubber mallet, gently hit the top surfaces of the pavers to reinforce them into the sand layer. Be sure to keep level as you continue to add more blocks.