How To Prolong Lives Of Cell Phone Batteries

The increasing popularity of mobile phones has no doubt stimulated the demand for its related accessories especially when it comes to the vital part i.e. cell phone batteries. It is always frustrating when our mobile is power off in the middle of an important call. Today we would like to talk about some tips for maintaining the life of cell phone batteries running longer.

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Use Cell Phone Chargers For The New Mobiles

Perhaps once you have just bought a new android HD smartphone, you can not help to use it right away. However, it is better to do yourself a favor and let the first charge of your phone be full completely. Use cell phone chargers to assure extending battery life in the future.

Keep Your Spare Cell Phone Batteries Somewhere Cold

Batteries are designed to operate at room temperature which is particularly damaging when exposing to hot areas. When using a car charger, you should wait until the cabin temperature to stabilize at a comfortable level. The colder a battery, the better for its life. So keep your cell phone batteries somewhere cold. Battery University recommends storing spare batteries after being charged about 40%.

Most people used to think there is no harm to remain their phones on the charger after the power is full. However, leaving your mobiles on the cell phone chargers heat the batteries unnecessarily and decrease over the life of the battery.