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Misconceptions about Indonesia you Should Know About


Indonesia has got a bad reputation due to a lack of knowledge and evidence. Whether you travel for business or pleasure purpose, it is your responsibility to learn about the misconceptions and then act according to the situation. You should know that Indonesia is usually an amazing country packed with tourists coming there from all over the world. If you’ve decided to travel to Indonesia, then these are some of the misconceptions you should know.

  1. It is Indeed an Islamic Country – Majority of the Indonesians follow Islam. But apart from this religion, there are other people who follow other religions. Just because this country belongs to Muslims does not necessarily mean you shouldn’t travel to Indonesia.
  2. You are Not Allowed to Wear Western Clothes – As mentioned above, locals belonging to the Muslim religion are required to cover from head to tea in terms of their body especially for women. However, western clothes such as skirts, shirts, jeans are also worn by the locals following a different religion. This misconception is quite commonly heard however, it isn’t the truth. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you are required to wear proper clothes especially when it comes to visiting religious places or sites.
  3. Indonesia Lies in Bali – This is another popular misconception you should ignore. In fact, Bali belongs to the 34 provinces of Indonesia and therefore, it is considered to be one of the top destinations in Indonesia.

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