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Investment Options In Superannuation

Self-explanatory to invest in a self-managed pension fund (SMSF). While SMSF is investing in something that provides retirement benefits to members, you are usually headed in the right direction.

The dream of many people is to start SMSF and fill it with exotic investments such as artwork, vintage cars, and cruises. However, there are rules regarding the types of investment that SMSF can obtain. You can find information regarding SMSF tax return via

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Here we look at what is legal when we invest in SMSF.

The Sole Purpose Test

The basic rule in choosing an investment for SMSF is that the sole investment objective should be to provide retirement income to SMSF members. This means that all assets in SMSF must be able to generate income when you retire.

You cannot use the money for your own needs, give money to friends or family, or do business with your SMSF. However, there are several attractive investments you can make with your funds, provided you follow certain rules.

Management at SMSF

SMSF is not allowed to run the company as it is usually seen as a strong indicator that the fund is failing to test for its sole purpose. The SMSF should be managed solely to provide pension benefits to IMF members. Any investment decisions should be made for future retirement benefits, not current benefits.