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Swim All Year Around Using Pool Enclosure

Its winter and there is closed swimming pool outside. No problem, right? In just a few months we could open the pool right? Would not it be great if we could enjoy the pool all year around? Yes, you can with the right pool dome or enclosure.

You may click if you want to get pool enclosure. There are many types of enclosures to fit all kinds of styles and budgets.

Igloo-Type Enclosure

This type is similar to the structure of the types of tents. It has a flexible fiberglass poles that creates structures and support material covering. They generally can be assembled and disassembled in 30 minutes.

Vinyl and Bubbles Domes

This is a step up from a tent-type enclosure and is still very effective. Most are made of U.V. a stabilized PVC material. They work on the principle of positive displacement. This is achieved by a blower at one end of the cage. It draws air from the outside and blow it in creating a high-pressure from the outside.

Low Profile Telescopic Enclosure

This type is generally a semi-sphere shape. They are usually built with an aluminum frame with polycarbonate wall section to light. They come in 4-8 parts depending on the size of your inground swimming pool. With this cage your stay at the pool all year round

Full High Pool Enclosure

They generally come in 6-side hemispherical design. The frame is made of aluminum and polycarbonate or glass panels can. Sections can be slid into one another like a low profile and a good unit can be slid manually or they can be motorized.