Sustainable Socks- The Most Ethical Choice

Bamboo has accumulated a desirable reputation in the globe of socks but is it entirely justified? In this post, you can explore the pros, impact, and alternatives when it comes to this notoriously soft, antibacterial fiber.  You can buy comfy sustainable socks made from such fiber through

There are tons of great things to tell about bamboo. For a beginning vegan – a factor not to be taken lightly as interest in veganism increased seven-fold in the five years between 2014 and 2019.

As mentioned, it’s also inherently antimicrobial, with up to a 99.8% antibacterial speed, meaning that like yarn, it won’t smell.

Bamboo is carbon impartial; a plant that soaks the exact amount of carbon dioxide from the air as it emits during harvesting. However, various products are introduced in recycling process to make these clothing and accessories. The yarn made through this recycled material is totally fine for making fabrics and further socks.

The lesson we’ve learned is that bamboo is sustainable as a raw material but the chemical extraction process transforms it into a fiber. However, certified yarn does not really mean that no chemicals were used in the procedure, just that no chemicals are located in the end product.