Style Up Your Home With Striped Rug

Whether you want to add a trendy Oriental rug in your bedroom or a lavish area rug in your living room, it is best to go with the perfect methods for its maintenance. Mostly, people love to buy quality Striped Rug, but they are not familiar with the best method for their protection. Therefore, they could not make the best of their investment and preferred new pieces every few months.


Various Methods That Must be Utilized For Effective Care Of Your Area Rugs:

1. Vacuuming:

In order to keep your rug in good shape, you have to clean it with a canister vacuum cleaner. The extent of vacuuming varies depending on the area in which you have to place the rug. In addition, high traffic is rugs need vacuuming a week thrice, while for the low traffic area, you can also clean weekly. Persian and oriental rugs need to be brushed with utmost care as fibers of it are very tender and can be damaged easily.

2. Spots & Spills:

It is common to have a liquid spilled on your rug spoil the looks of your rug right away. If you face this situation, prefer to go with a cotton towel. Never rub the fibers of oriental rugs and traditional area rugs, and it can potentially ruin the beauty of your rug and damage the fiber layer. Once you rinse and blot the spilled area, elevate the portion for drying. There are some rugs that come with a very thick cotton base, and it also becomes impossible to dry the spilled area. In this case, you can use the hairdryer for the best results.

3. Pet concerns:

Pet stains tend to spoil the fibers of the rug badly. Whenever you see the pet stains on your rug, just check it out; these are wet or dry. If the portion is still wet, you have to follow the blot +rinse+ blot procedure. Moreover, if the rug area is dry, make a mixture of soda and vinegar to damp in it.

4. Professional cleaning:

It is recommended to acquire the services of a professional rug cleaner if your rugs have irremovable spills and stains. The experienced cleaners help in offering your rug a new life through the use of professional cleaning methods.

5. Use Rug pads:

Rugs help in the proper vacuuming of rugs because they help to fit them a bit higher in terms of letting the air flow inside and out properly. Thus the dirt from your area rug can be removed more appropriately. The rug pads also offer you cushioning and prevent it from extensive wear and tear. Therefore, if you want to buy quality rugs, you have to add a rug pas to your shopping list. It helps you in making the best out of your investments.

Key Precautionary Tips:

Rotate your rug every 3-6 months to prevent extensive exposure of a single portion to high traffic. Avoid placing the pots on your area rugs as water can seep through the base and destroy your rug. Find the great deals on stripped rug via

From this article, you will learn various techniques to wash your Stripped Rug. You can choose according to rug type and needs.