Steps To Installing An Epoxy Countertop Kit In Lebanon PA

If you're considering installing an epoxy countertop kit, there are a few steps that you need to follow. Here are some steps to installing an epoxy countertop kit:

1. Measure and mark the countertop area where you want the epoxy to be applied.

2. Apply a layer of silicone caulk to the edges of the countertop where you marked it. This will help prevent bubbles from forming while the epoxy is curing.

3. Prime the surface of the countertop with a high-quality Epoxy Primer. You can also visit for high quality epoxy services in Lebanon PA.

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4. Apply one coat of epoxy to the entire surface of the countertop. Make sure to apply enough pressure so that the epoxy is well-coated and does not settle or bubble.

5. Let the epoxy cure for 24 hours.

6. Sand down any rough edges or bumps in the surface of the countertop with fine sandpaper before applying a second coat of epoxy.

7. Allow the second coat of epoxy to cure for another 24 hours before refinishing and painting or installing your kitchen appliances.

8. Protect your newly installed countertops by using a Premium Epoxy Coating throughout the entire lifespan of your counters!

These are the steps for installation of epoxy countertop kit.