Sports Mouth Guards – Why You Should Choose Quality Over Price

Many sports fans are tempted to save their money and buy a cheap over-the-counter mouth guard than having one professionally made for them. A custom mouthguards or sports dentistry services in Perth, WA is really important in some sports, and on the upper level, many athletes are not allowed to compete unless they wear. This is because of the risk of serious injuries caused by not wearing adequate protection.

There are many problems with generic products that are sold in stores though. Generally, they are thick and wide and come in various sizes. It is impossible to create a universal mouth guard that conforms to the shape of teeth, everyone, a very cheap mouth-guard can be very effective.

Custom made mouthguards on the other side are professionally designed by a dentist in Perth and built to match the exact shape of the mouth and teeth. Some of these over-the-counter items are labeled as 'moldable', but this does not make them effective as a protective device.

The way items can be 'molded' is by biting them after letting them soak in boiling water. It does not help them get into your mouth better, but it is a very precise procedure for fitting mouthguards. To ensure you get the most protection possible, leave it to the professionals.