Sports Injuries And The Wonders Of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, is a type of treatment that relies on physical and mechanical methods to correct an injury. Physiotherapy can be used alone or combined with surgery to treat most sports injuries.

This therapy can be beneficial for a variety of sports injuries. An anterior cruciate ligament injury (ACL), which is a knee injury, is one example. A lot of knee injuries can be caused by sports such as kickboxing, football, hockey, skiing, running, and basketball. If you are also suffering from this kind of injury then you can visit this website and book an appointment with a professional physiotherapist as soon as possible.


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ACL cases may require surgery in severe cases. The same goes for physiotherapy, which is recommended before and/or following surgery. The most commonly used therapy exercise for ACL treatment is the heel slide.

The heel slide is basically done by lying down with the affected knee bent and the foot on the ground. Next, pull the foot towards your buttocks and then slide the foot out. Although it may cause some discomfort, this exercise can be helpful in bending and stretching the knee. This exercise is often used to prepare for surgery. However, it can sometimes heal an injury so that surgery may not be necessary anymore.

It can also be used to treat elbow injuries such as tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is a result of sports that require a lot of forceful movements, such as badminton and tennis. Physical therapy for tennis elbow typically consists of a combination of exercises and ultrasound procedures that heat the affected muscles to relieve pain. Sometimes, ultrasound is used to treat other sports injuries that cause muscle pain.