Say Goodbye To Thumb Sucking Habit With 4 Positive Parenting Strategies And Tools

The challenge is to find effective ways of compassion, to push your child to stop thumb sucking in most fruitful means, you can read full info here about the methods and appliances to stop thumb sucking. So, here are four ways to do it.

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# 1 Compassion

First things first: Punishing your child for thumb sucking will offer no incentive for it to stop. You do not hurt the child by punishing him for a habit that made her feel safe. As children get older, they tend to find other methods of calming themselves who do not understand the thumbs suck.

# 2 Be careful

Keep noticing your kid that when they do thumbsucking. Usually, kids suck their thumbs when they are frustrated or maybe tired. If you understand what triggers the actions, you can offer your alternatives to your child

# 3 Bring to the attention of your child

Try to tell a story to make his attention towards stopping thumbsucking.  Like an imaginary story about a guy who chose to end sucking his finger. 

# 4 Talk to your child

You can sometimes "talk on children 's habits". It is okay to remind older children if they start sucking the thumb, especially when it occurs in public. Make sure you do so in a respectful way. Your kind reminders can be very useful for kids because they try to break the habit themselves.

Refrain from publicly reprimanding your child, which can create embarrassment and feelings of shame that can persist for years to come. But privately, make sure your child knows when he sucks his thumb. Children often do not even realize they do.