Restore Your Smile With Dental Veneers

For people who are not satisfied with their teeth appearance, Dental Veneer offers a relatively simple solution for various dental problems such as  uneven gear, bent teeth, peeled, spaces or uneven gaps between teeth.

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  • What is Veneer?

Dental veneer is a popular cosmetic dental option. They are made of very thin ingredients and like skin that has a natural teeth. Veneer is glued to the surface of the teeth to change the shape, color, size and length of the teeth to improve their appearance.The dentist takes the impression of your teeth or teeth and makes your veneer made specifically in the dental laboratory to fit your teeth.

In general, porcelain veneer has better stain resistance and light reflection quality. What is made with resin on the other side, thinner and requires less enamel to be removed from the teeth to tie it. Anyielding material is used, the results cannot be recovered, which means that the veneer is bound to the teeth strongly and cannot be removed.

  • How is the veneer placed?

During consultation with your dentist, you will undergo an evaluation that will determine your suitability for dental veneer care and the best type of veneer for you. Initially, the dentist would remove about half mm from the enamel from the tooth surface. This area is numb with local anesthesia so there is no inconvenience.