Reporting Solutions & Business Intelligence – How to Avoid Risk

Budget and resources to improve or implement a business intelligence system that better tight and will be tight for the time despite some signs of economic recovery.

On the other hand, senior management, and operational managers need better and faster information, preferably with (a true zero-trace) analysis and web-based reporting system, especially for sales reporting and sales analysis. You can learn more about analytics and business intelligence via

So, should you are faced with one or more of the following challenges:

  • You asked for report management better and faster sales.
  • You want to have better control of your profit margin.
  • Your reporting solution was too static and lost the flexibility you and your users are looking for.
  • You want to introduce a web-based business intelligence and analytics, but you do not have the resources and budget.

  • The total cost of ownership of the existing business intelligence reporting system is too high or because you need a lot of external and internal resources to maintain the system?
  • The only way to beat this challenge is to find a business intelligence solution that provides out of the box business applications for your specific ERP systems such as JD Edwards, SAP, BPCS, Microsoft Dynamics or other.

This should include the back-end (data warehouse), a zero-trace, web-based system of modern analysis and pre-packaged business solutions to enable you to apply one reporting solution (eg analysis of sales) in a couple of days and not weeks or months.

You may not get this from Tier 1 business intelligence players like their goal is to sell as many services as possible, some of them even very subsidizing the cost of their license or even give a free license. DO NOT fall into this trap, you will pay later bitter for service and maintenance.