Remove Bed Bugs Through Steam

As with any treatment it is essential that you thoroughly check the room for signs of the pests. This will allow you to make sure that bed bugs are actually present.

Before attacking with your steam cleaner you must vacuum the whole room – literally everything from the mattress on your bed and the inside and underside of drawers to closets and soft toys. You can check out DIY bed bug solution via various online resources.


If you are purchasing a steam cleaner make sure you get one which produces high temperatures > 450 oC and "dry steam." The dry steam will prevent your mattress, carpets and so on becoming too wet which may lead to problems with mold and mildew.

Where should you begin?

Probably the best place is the bed. Pay particular attention to areas along seams, around buttons, handles and labels. Along the bottom of the headboard is also a favourite hiding place. Tackle the box spring (if you have one) in the same way.

You can then move on to furniture chairs, sofas, drawers, closets again pay particular attention to any seams, buttons, little cracks, joints and so on. Then you can move on to soft furnishing such as curtains, cushions, rugs and so on – don't forget any soft toys!

Bed bugs can get around – they will travel and climb up to 100 feet to find food. This means that you really do have to check and treat every inch of the infested room, including the really obscure places like smoke detectors, light switches, electrical sockets, picture frames, alarm clocks, the list is endless.