Refrigerated Storage – Important Questions

What is refrigerated storage for?

Refrigerated or cold storage is essential for many industries and can be used to store a variety of items such as meat and fish, beer, wine and other beverages, fruits, vegetables, some plastics and pharmaceuticals of high-value.

Should I buy or rent cooling equipment?

Cooling equipment can be purchased or rented, but in some cases, the leasing can be the best. Depending o your business needs, you can hire or buy coolrooms via or your local cool room experts.

What are the benefits of renting cold storage equipment?

There are many benefits of leasing cool and blast freezer unites over purchasing them. For example, renting is much more flexible than buying so you can have the right equipment, just when you need it.

You will also save cash on costs to purchase the items directly, as well as reduce the costs associated with renting space to store your stuff.

Leasing also saves money on maintenance and repair costs.

If you want permanent cold storage, it can be more cost-effective to buy, though.

How long can I store the product in a cold storage container?

A cooling unit is designed to stay permanently cold. They can be used as a refrigeration solution in the long term or short term.

For instance, a cold storage unit can be stored outside your business in the long term or you can rent a cool unit for a one-off event. You can rent regular freezer cold storage while you're cleaning.

If you lease or buy a free-standing refrigeration unit, you can take with it you if you choose to move your business.