Reasons to Remove or Prune a Tree

The trees are beautiful. They add value and interest to the landscape, provide cooler air and oxygen, create shady areas in the summer, and provide energy to homes year-round. Although trees tend to be maintenance-free, they should be pruned about once a year, and some trees need to be removed. A good tree cutting service in Spring, TX can help ensure that trees are pruned or removed safely and quickly.

Why remove a tree?

Trees put down roots that can destroy the foundation of a house or ruin a sidewalk. Sometimes these roots can be redirected. Other times, it is better to remove the tree and plant a species of tree whose roots are less invasive. 

Why prune a tree?

Trees may need to be pruned if they are near power lines or have branches hanging over the house. Pruning can help a tree to survive the winter better. It can also improve the tree's long-term health. For some people, there are good aesthetic reasons to prune trees. Some enjoy the topiary; others just want the tree to look civilized. Pruning trees once a year will also help homeowners find problems with those trees before the problems become dangerous.

Why use a service?

The service has the right tools and people who have been trained to work on trees. There are no rickety stairs to climb or unknown equipment to use. Instead, the owner schedules an appointment, lets the professionals take care of the trees, and enjoys them without worrying about having to climb them to prune them.