Probiotic Yeast For Better Reproduction In Milking Cows

Dietary supplements are an established strategy for increasing the efficiency of various parameters in livestock. However, its effect on ruminant reproduction is less well known. A recent study looked at the use of live yeast as a tool to improve the reproductive properties of milking cows.

Live yeast as a probiotic falls within the scope of feed additive regulation. These useful microscopic sponges, which have been used in the bakery, breweries, and wine industries for many years, also have an impact on the nutrition and health of humans and animals.

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best yeast for dairy cows

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They are usually marketed in viable form and have high live cells. By stabilizing the pH of ruminants in animals fed high energy feed which can cause acidosis in ruminants, live yeast is known to increase feed efficiency. 

Daily consumption of live yeast can affect the productivity of the animal, i.e. increase in Body Weight and Average Daily Gain (ADG) in Cows. 

Probiotic yeast, especially Saccharomyces cerevisiae, is widely used in dairy cows. Studies have examined their effects on digestion, metabolism, and productivity and have shown that they increase milk production by an average of 1.2 kg/cow/day.

Also, demonstrated the beneficial effects of live yeast in controlling animal homeothermic and maintaining milk production under heat stress conditions.