Popular Hip Hop Styles That Define Hip-Hop Dance And Music

The entertainment industry brought hip hop dancing to the world with the release of the original hip hop films "Beat Street", "Wild Style",  and "Breakin" in the 1980s. With these films and the "Soul Train" TV show, this dance form has been shown worldwide. In addition, hip-hop dance is directly related to hip-hop culture and is featured in hip-hop music. To know about top 10 famous dance forms in India you can browse the internet.

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Let's take a look at some of the famous hip hop styles that are highly appreciated and performed by fans of hip hop dance around the world. They break, lock and crack while being popular as the main styles of this dance form, there are other styles that make a real difference in dance and music. They include:

Cramp: This type of dance is becoming increasingly popular in hip-hop. This dance form is highly driven by energy and freedom. This form is defined by the four main movements; namely hitting, waving, jumping on the chest and stomping. Basically, with this form, you can do whatever you want with your body.

Haarlem Shake: This is also a popular hip hop dance form that originated in the 1980s. It is believed that the dance form originated from East African dance sketches. Sometimes dancers assume this form of drunken dance. It's all about creative body spasms and therefore there are no strict rules for dance moves. It is also liked by those who are not professional dancers.

Doublet: This is the newest hip hop dance trend consisting of twitching dance and jerks. To perform this dance, the player must perform a series of leg extensions. It is also more of a subcultural movement.

Flowing dance: This hip-hop dance style involves gentle, "flowing" hand movements. These gestures include hand flow and digital manipulation used to create illusions and finger movements. Here the dancer uses his body shape to communicate interpretative feelings and movements. 

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