Learn Easy Cleaning Techniques of Crystal Vases And Glassware

Fine crystal glassware only adds elegance to one’s home decor. Crystal wine glasses are more inviting than steel or metal glass on a dinner table. The glimmer, sparkle and shine of crystals only make it more enticing. As long as it looks best, nothing can take its glam away.

However, such wares do attract dust and cleaning them after a dinner party can take some effort. Cloudy crystal glasses, waxy candleholders, vases and carafes are a damaged investment in one’s home.

Although if you do have time, this is one of the best ideas to clean shower doors and glass stains with a slightly wet newspaper. It involves no chemicals and after an extra effort, the glass gets clean.

You can buy different varieties of water stain removers online. There are a lot of websites that offer simple tips and tricks for water spot removal on mirror and glass. You can have beautiful glass and vase again in no time when you use these cleaners for your tough cleaning problems.

water spot remover

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Although this is what you might have tried at least once in your life. Home remedies are in trend today, every third person uses home remedies for almost everything.

Using Baking soda is a good idea as it is a base (alkaline), so it can be used to chemically counteract the effects of hard water mineral deposits. Because it is a natural, biodegradable product, baking soda is considered to be a safe, environmentally-friendly alternative to harsh chemical cleaners.

Even if baking soda is used as a water stain remover, there are few people who use it with vinegar. While others claim that you should not use vinegar (an acid) and baking soda (a base) at the same time because they will cancel out each others’ pH benefits.

Even though stains are highly frustrating, it’s perfectly possible to minimise their appearance, if not eliminate them completely