Learn Cooking With Offset Smokers

Cooking with offset smokers or barrel smokers is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Offset smokers are equipped with an additional firebox that is connected to the cooking chamber that allows direct grilling inside the firebox, as well as cooking either directly or indirectly within the smoke chamber. 

When you are buying off-set smokers, the primary consideration is the size of the material. The steel that is thin doesn't retain heat as efficiently. This makes it harder to keep a constant temperature of cooking.Many kinds of BBQ smokers are there in the market and best offset smokers are the most popular kind that people prefer to buy.

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Seasoning Your Smoker

It's an easy procedure that's similar to the seasoning process for an iron skillet but on a bigger scale. The first step is to coat the interior of your smoker with cooking oils. Anything is fine and you don't need to use anything costly. After that, make an open flame in the firebox, and include wood chips to make smoke. Keep the temperature at 250-275 degrees F and allow it to burn for 2 or 3 hours, adding smoke chips as necessary.

Heat The Cooking Area Until The Desired Cooking Temperature Is Reached

Close the lid. It will be difficult to keep a consistent temperature if you open the lid. If you're cooking a large amount of meat and making use of all grill space, you might require opening it periodically to move the meat off the grill. If not, make sure the lid is shut.

Don't let your chips of wood soak in water. Wood chips that are damp can chill your fire. You would like your fire to burn in the most consistent way possible.

Clean up the ashes in the firebox, as well as the inside the cook-top. Thank you for reading and I hope these suggestions can help.